It is a dark time for the Republic. Still reeling from the devastation of the Sith Empire’s sudden resurgence, the Jedi Order struggles to rebuild , as a tenuous peace settles over the galaxy. Retreating to their recently rediscovered homeworld of TYTHON, a new generation of Jedi stand to inherit a galaxy in flames, but only if they first complete the demanding Jedi Trials.

On the distant world of ALBRAXXUS, a young Padawan, strong in the Force, but untested, faces an uncertain destiny. Her past clouded in mystery, and bearing a dangerous burden of hatred for the Sith, she prepares to journey to Tython to undergo the final challenges and become a Jedi. As the mysteries of her past unfold, and frightening visions of the future haunt her, she faces an uncertain future amid DREAMS OF FALLEN STARS.

Star Wars: Dreams of Fallen Stars

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